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    C2 developed from business professionals conversing about how frustrated they were that their accountants, lawyers and others never met. Separate conversations, different pieces of information and a lack of general support all led to time and focus being taken from their businesses. Finally someone said, "There's got to be a better way."

    And this was the 'Aha' moment. We realized we know what entrepreneurs need: professionals working together to support the entrepreneur's business needs. We streamline the support and expertise of more people to get you the support you need, to help you meet your financial goals, to help you meet your corporate demands, and to ensure you are moving in the direction you want, without needless distractions and unnecessary costs.

    Our products and services are all designed to address the specific, unique needs of your corporation. We give you the information you need to make sound decisions for your company, both now and moving forward.

    Business Owner

    We know how complex running a business can be. Our services are designed to help you make better informed, easier decisions. Your knowledge of your overall business structure helps protect your business and your future.

    Sole Employee of a Corporation

    We offer the benefits of employment together with the benefits of incorporation, including health benefits, accounting expertise and financial expertise.