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    Canada West Foundation
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    Government, industry and educators have to make tough choices every day. They turn to independent, non-partisan voices for research and advice. Our original research is free of ideology and helps lay the foundation for public policy that improves the lives for western Canadians.

    Our team of research directors and policy analysts explore the big issues that affect the West and all of Canada. They produce thoughtful ground-breaking research on the issues that matter most.

    We bring together political, academic, business and community leaders in seminars, forums, conferences and round tables. We get people talking about what we need to do to create a better and more secure West.

    Our ideas make news. Through research publications, op-eds in major Canadian newspapers, interviews on radio and television, blogs and social media, our work reaches millions of readers each year.

    We find practical solutions to real challenges that face western Canada today, from getting our products to markets around the world, building a stronger, more versatile workforce and finding ways to build public support for our key natural resource industries, forestry, agri-food, mining and oil and gas. It's all about ensuring Canada's four western provinces remain great places to live and raise families.