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    Customplan Financial Advisors Inc.
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    Customplan Financial Advisors Inc.
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    The financial products and services offered by Customplan Financial Advisors Inc are of the highest quality available in today's marketplace. We have formed unique strategic alliances with other industry leaders. We will assist our clients in developing superior managed portfolios with creative tax assisted benefits, security, liquidity and increased potential for long term growth. 

    We have a thorough due diligence process to develop and evaluate financial opportunities that will benefit our clients. Our strategic alliance partners and product suppliers must meet our stringent standards for financial strength, professional management, historical performance, product design and customer service. We continually collaborate with our strategic partners to fine tune product design and customer service issues. 

    Our Philosophy

    Through continuing professional education, efficient internal support, and our focus on teamwork, we provide comprehensive financial management to serve the best interests of all individuals and corporations with whom we do business. At Customplan Financial Advisors Inc, all personnel are committed to the following values:

    • To hold paramount the needs of our clients above all else and at all times.
    • To value and build long-term relationships founded upon honesty, dedication and integrity.
    • To consistently achieve superior results by maintaining our market leadership in the Financial Services Industry.
    • To provide professional, expert advice ensuring that all client concerns are addressed and all problems are solved.
    • To earn the trust and respect of our clients by creating the optimal environment which promotes confidence and comfort in all aspects of our relationships and business dealings.

    The Benefits

    Our clients tell us that it is impossible for them to master all aspects of their finances, especially trying to integrate taxation, investments, and retirement and risk management strategies in today's very complex and dynamic environment. 

    We are experts in these fields and will work with you to achieve superior results. Success is measured by results and that is why, with offices across Canada, Customplan Financial Advisors Inc. is a fast growing organization in the Financial Services Industry. 

    The reasons behind this success are many. However, our focus, first and foremost, is on serving the client. We have pioneered the concept of assembling seasoned professionals who individually and collectively are leaders in the financial management field. 

    You can be confident in our services and products, free to discover the countless rewards and opportunities that a secure financial future will provide. A wise man once said, "Your own limitations are self imposed".