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    Brownstone Asset Management was founded in 2003 in Calgary Alberta, by professionals with a significant track record in the business of creating wealth through conservative investment practices.   We are an employee-owned, Alberta-based, investment management firm that caters to select high net worth Individuals, Foundations, and Trusts.   

    The firm is focused on the growth of capital through a conservative proven investment philosophy, where dividend-producing investments provide the portfolio foundation for wealth creation, yet a select set of small and mid-cap holdings are included to boost growth prospects.   

    Clients are carefully considered, objectives are understood, and a personal strategy is defined.  We establish a partnership with our clients and create a high standard of care in responding to clients' personal needs and objectives.

    Portfolios receive constant attention by our professional team. Our vision and delivery is to provide investment returns that grow wealth and accomplish this target based on an acceptable degree of risk.  We are partners in working with our clients towards achieving their long term investment goals.

    We are independent.  Investment decisions are based on our analysis of the opportunity and the associated risk.  Grow capital, but contain the risk.  That is the hallmark of what we do.

    Brownstone offers investors a separately managed account consisting of equities and fixed income securities combined or separately, through a process of independent research and skilled asset allocation. Our bottom-up approach combines objective quantitative work with a deep evaluation of key stock fundamentals.

    We aim to provide first class investment management services to individuals, offering balanced, equity and fixed income portfolios.  Preservation of capital is of paramount importance to our clients and is an explicit objective of the investment philosophy of Brownstone.

    Brownstone equity portfolios are broadly diversified, typically holding in excess of 35 individual stocks invested across a broad range of sectors consisting of high quality, multi-cap Canadian equities. A large majority of our equity holdings focus on dividend yield, an excellent means for long term portfolio growth and wealth creation. Equity holding concentrations can vary yet typically represent approximately 2% - 6% of the portfolio asset class total.  Holdings are rebalanced as necessary to ensure that no single equity dominates the portfolio subjecting the invested capital to excessive volatility. Brownstone does not participate in short term or speculative trading.

    Brownstone's bond portfolios offer investors a diversified laddered structure of Canadian bond holdings.  The portfolio consists of high quality Federal, Provincial, and Corporate fixed income securities. The goal of our fixed income process includes capital preservation, cash flow to meet the needs of each client, and the potential for capital appreciation. Our fixed income style is based on the belief that superior long-term returns can be achieved with lower-than-market risk by focusing the investments in high-quality securities and by adding value through active duration management.