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    Kido Care
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    Kido Care
    116 13 Avenue SW
    T2R 0G8

    We are an innovative bilingual English and Spanish full time preschool offering young students a safe, bright, and inspiring environment where we are committed to provide opportunities to learn and develop physical, intellectual, social, emotional and spiritual skills. Children at Kido Care gain a positive understanding of the world, which fosters competency in later years.

    Our two-way bilingual language program is based on the Montessori philosophy integrated with the latest approaches in early childhood education, including Reggio Emilia and constructivist methods. This new concept of early childhood education supports bilingualism based on a balanced distribution of power and school leadership.

    We promote high quality assessment practices by involving all stakeholders in education: community, parents, students, teachers, and administrators. Families and children from all cultures, religions, and languages are welcome. Children do not need to speak neither English nor Spanish in order to be accepted into the program. Students older than 2.5 years old who are fully potty-trained have a "rotational schedule" thus they spend the day in different learning spaces. Kido Care environment is welcoming and open-minded in terms of languages and cultures. Students are exposed to different areas and are also invited to engage in learning from diverse multilingual and multicultural educators. Students are treated as individuals without standardized outcomes, thus they can work at their own pace without competing with peers.

    The freedom Kido Care educators promote in classrooms allow students to work on their own interests encouraging confidence, uniqueness, and high self-esteem leading to success in their life journey.