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    Leith Wheeler Investment Counsel
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    Leith Wheeler Investment Counsel
    Suite 570, 1100 1 Street SE
    T2G 1B1

    Since 1982, our quiet, steadfast approach and focused standard of value investing has seen our firm grow to manage over $16 billion in assets.

    Employee owned and passionately managed, Leith Wheeler has earned a respected position among Canada's leading wealth management firms. It's a reputation we've carefully and quietly built, one relationship at a time.

    We're respected for our fierce independence: We look behind the hype, staying focused on the real value beneath each investment opportunity. Our perspective is far-reaching: We maintain multi-year outlooks for each investment holding, looking past reporting cycles to lasting opportunities. And we're recognized for our diligence. Our systematic, often contrarian and always client-driven focus has earned us a strong, national reputation with private clients and some of Canada's most recognized charitable endowments, trusts and pension funds.

    For over 30 years, we have helped Canadian investors seize the significant opportunities of value investing. Confidently. Successfully. And always, quietly.


    In 1982, Murray Leith and Bill Wheeler, two seasoned investment analysts, founded an independent firm to offer individual and institutional investors a disciplined investment style that put clients' interests first.

    Their goal was to preserve clients' capital while offering superior investment growth, regardless of economic factors. In the three decades since, the firm they founded has consistently demonstrated a courageous commitment to independence and value investing, earning Leith Wheeler a national reputation.

    Today, Leith Wheeler is a respected investment firm run by a team of partners with over $17 billion under management. Our firm has quietly helped generations of clients build impressive portfolios and generate enviable legacies.