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    NORR Architects, Engineers, Planners

    NORR Architects, Engineers, Planners
    2300, 411 1 Street SE
    T2G 4Y5

    Now surpassing three-quarters of a century of practice, the firm has continuously reinvented itself to maintain its passion, vitality and contemporary approach to its craft. Yet it retains an undercurrent of maturity afforded it by years of experience.

    NORR is, and has always been, a vehicle for learning and growth, with the pursuit of excellence as its guiding principle. Young professionals are exposed to a unique framework of methods, practices and team relationships that ensure quality and integrity while promoting self-expression. Many thrive in this environment and develop their careers over the long term at NORR; others move on to capitalize on the knowledge gained during their time with the company. Most often, these ex-employees establish lifelong relationships with NORR as collaborators or as clients.

    Why? Because there is a very special culture operating within NORR that unites its people in a common purpose: the production of fine architecture, certainly, but also of creating physical environments that engage, inform and enrich the lives of the people that utilize them decades and decades after they are built.