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    Oasis Juice & Nutrition Bar

    1012 1 Street SW
    T2R 1M2

    Oasis Juice & Nutrition Bar is all about promoting a healthy lifestyle. We serve 100% natural fruit & vegetable juices, fruit smoothies, and healthy foods to help protect our communities from diseases and conditions such as cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure and cholesterol, which can depend on your choice of foods.

    Our story starts in Ethiopia, where our founder Abdulsalam, grew up working in his father's clinic, treating patients homeopathically with roots and herbs from their family farm. After political turmoil broke out in his hometown of Jimma, Abdulsalam fled to Kenya to live in a refugee camp for five years.

    Shortly after arriving in America, Abdulsalam rediscovered the passion he'd found while working at his father's clinic. This inspired Abdulsalam to open Oasis Jimma Juice Bar in Harlem. Today, people from near and far travel the byways of New York City to get the best in fresh food and beverages. And the rest of the story is healthy.