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    500, 926 5 Avenue SW
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    Our goal is simple: help organizations use technology to become more productive, more competitive and ultimately, more successful. That starts with answering the important questions like: where you are today and where you want to be in the future. Avoiding surprises, helping you make great decisions and providing the technical know-how to turn vision into reality - it's all a part of how we deliver better outcomes for your business.

    Back in 1989, when Softchoice began, cell phones were a rarity, 5 floppy disks were the standard and Google was just a really big number. Without ecommerce tools, finding the right software for the job was also a major challenge.

    Softchoice founders David Holgate and Jone Panavas had a vision to fill this void: build a company that would connect customers to thousands of technology products with new ease and efficiency. Working out of a small apartment, they spent a year assembling the largest software product data base anywhere. Entering one title after the other, they talked about creating a different kind of company - one where people could "bring their whole self" to work and who were encouraged to challenge the status quo.